Google Insider Says AI Is “Beyond an Emergency”

In a striking statement, former Chief Business Officer at Google X, Mo Gawdat, has issued a grave warning, emphasizing that the rapid progress of artificial intelligence (AI) presents a more pressing emergency than climate change. This topic was once considered sacred by Silicon Valley leftists.

According to a Business Insider report, Gawdat has sounded the alarm, stating that some consider the swift advancement of AI to be a more significant global concern than the green industry war on climate change.

On Steven Bartlet’s “Diary of a CEO” podcast, Gawdat expressed his concerns about the potential disruptions AI could cause within the next two years. 

Gawdat, who previously oversaw Google’s “moonshot” projects, voiced his worries about the impact of AI on future employment fluctuations. He cautioned against uncontrolled development of AI technologies, which could result in “widespread job losses.” A recent report by Breitbart News highlighted Mike Rowe’s belief that white-collar jobs are the most vulnerable:

Entrepreneur magazine has reported concerns that widespread losses could happen due to technological advancements. The host of two popular TV shows, Mike Rowe, “How America Works” and “Dirty Jobs,” remains confident that blue-collar jobs are secure amidst the ongoing growth of artificial intelligence.

Rowe recently shared his views during an interview on The Big Money Show, stating that the rise of AI in the workplace will not endanger blue-collar jobs. He argued that these positions require specific skill sets that are challenging to replicate digitally. Rowe remarked, 

“People used to say that robots would destroy skilled labor. Well, that’s not happening. I haven’t seen any robots doing plumbing or electrical work. And I don’t think we’ll witness artificial intelligence at that level in skilled trades.”

“It is not just an emergency; it is the most critical issue we face today. Surprisingly, it surpasses even climate change,” Gawdat asserted to Bartlett.

Gawdat called for governments worldwide to step up and introduce legislation to address the AI industry in response to these potential dangers. He proposed a radical idea of imposing a staggering 98 percent tax rate on companies utilizing AI. 

According to him, such measures would both slow down the rapid development of AI and generate funds to support those whose jobs may be threatened by AI.