Google Banned This Video By Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a writer for DailyWire+, said on Saturday that a video featuring him and author Helen Joyce discussing gender ideology had been pulled from YouTube for allegedly breaking the site’s “hate speech policy.”

Peterson tweeted early Saturday the statement he received from YouTube explaining the removal of his movie “Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality” for an unspecified “violation”: 

Youtube stated that their team determined his post violated their hate speech policy. 

They apologized if this caused any “disappointment.” 

The explanation was that his content glorified or incited violence, which is prohibited on YouTube.

Peterson reacted on Twitter, mentioning that YouTube has officially accused him of hate speech. He described that as a direct accusation of conduct deemed criminal in many jurisdictions. 

Later on Saturday, Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner, advised that Peterson repost the video removed from the site, and the famous clinical psychologist did just that.

In his tweet with the video, Peterson included, “Experience the evil truth for yourself.” 

More than 989,000 people viewed the message, and 9,100 people liked it in only a few hours.

After YouTube demonetized presenter Matt Walsh for his video criticizing gender ideology, The Daily Wire moved all of Walsh’s daily show episodes to the site.

On May 30th, The Daily Wire made available for free streaming all of the podcasts from its most popular hosts.

Walsh and The Daily Wire aired the landmark documentary “What Is A Woman?” for free on Twitter on June 1, the first anniversary of the film’s first release and the opening day of Pride Month.

More than 180 million people have seen the tweet of the 90-minute video, which includes Daily Wire anchor Matt Walsh raising complex issues at the heart of the gender ideology movement.