Good Samaritan Killed While Trying to Help Accident Victim

A 23-year-old man has been identified as the one who, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, stopped to assist a wrecked car only to be struck and killed by a vehicle. 

Gavin Carter’s family has confirmed that he was one of two victims who tragically lost their lives early on Saturday.

The initial accident occurred at 2:06 a.m., close to mile marker 360 on I-10, according to the FHP report. Troopers were then sent to the scene. An SUV being driven by a 31-year-old man was en route east on I-10, just west of McDuff Avenue. According to the report, the vehicle lost control and careened off the road, eventually flipping over and colliding with a wall. According to the troopers, the individual was declared dead on the spot.

The man who got out of his car to aid was named by troopers as “Good Samaritan” Carter. Gavin, 23, bravely pulled over to the side of the road in an effort to provide a hand.

According to FHP, he was fatally struck by a car. The driver of that car fled on foot, leaving Carter for dead.

According to Becky Thomas, the bartender at The Last Call Neighborhood Tavern, a Northside establishment, Carter was a regular and liked to play pool.

On Wednesday night, the pub will be holding a fundraiser to support his family.

According to Carter’s grandmother, his six-year-old fiancée was in the vehicle with him when the accident happened. They were driving home when it happened.

The person who fled on foot is still wanted. Anyone with information is requested to call the Florida Highway Patrol; the family is encouraging the motorist to come forward.

Assisting disabled drivers or victims of accidents is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. Florida has a law called the Move Over Law that aims to prevent accidents like the one on I-10.

Motorists are to move out of the roadside lane if any vehicle is stopped along the highway, giving space so people remain safe. Failure to do so is a serious moving violation.