Giant Audit Requested In California 

( A request to have California’s State Auditor review the use of state and local funding directed to the state’s homeless problem was approved by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee on Wednesday, Just the News reported. 

During Wednesday’s regular session of the committee, Democrat state Senator Dave Cortese presented the audit request with bipartisan support from Republican state Senators Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh and Roger Niello, as well as state Assembly members Democrat Even Low and Republican John Hoover. 

The lawmakers asked the committee to authorize an audit of all public funds meant to relieve the homelessness crisis in California to determine how effective the funding has been. 

State Senator Cortese told the committee that an audit must be done now so that any changes can happen before “the funds are out the door.” 

The request was unanimously approved by the committee. 

Senator Cortese initiated the audit request after visiting a homeless encampment at Columbus Park in San Jose last year. 

In his presentation before the committee, Cortese described the Columbus Park encampment as a “public health disaster,” with piles of trash, rodents running around, and broken-down cars and RVs with people living inside of them. 

The approved request asks that the State Auditor review the use of state and federal funding in San Jose, as well as another city of the Auditor’s choosing, to determine how many homeless are receiving services and shelter and whether the state funding has been effective. The Auditor should also determine how much federal funding the cities receive and if the cities have identified possible sites for both temporary and permanent housing for the homeless. 

Senator Cortese told KCRA3 in Sacramento that he believes the audit should shed light on whether or not the “investment” the state is making to combat homelessness is getting where it is needed while allowing the state to “make a course correction.”