Gaetz Slams DeSantis With Truly Bizarre Accusation

Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a letter inviting Vice President Kamala Harris to come to Florida to meet with him and the black academic who oversaw the state’s black history curriculum so she could learn the truth about the standards. However, the Vice President chickened out, Fox News reported.

While visiting Orlando last week, Harris dismissed DeSantis’ invitation, claiming that the Florida governor was attempting to “legitimize” “unnecessary debates” by hosting a “politically-motivated roundtable.”

Harris claimed that she will not accept any invitation “to debate an undeniable fact,” namely that there were “no redeeming qualities of slavery.”

But the point of DeSantis’ invitation wasn’t to “debate,” but to educate Harris about the truth of the state’s black history curriculum.

In the letter sent to Harris last Monday, the governor said he was inviting her to “set the record straight” on Florida’s black history standards after Harris spent days falsely claiming that the state was “whitewashing” black history and “gaslighting” students.

In his letter, DeSantis called out Washington politicians for choosing to “malign our state and its residents” and blasted the Biden administration in particular for disparaging the state and misinforming the public about Florida’s education system.

DeSantis told Harris that Florida is “unafraid” of “open and honest dialogue” on the issues and said he was also inviting Dr. William Allen, the scholar “instrumental” in developing the standards to join the discussion.

Sadly, many Trump-supporting Republicans, including Florida Reps. Byron Donald and Matt Gaetz quickly echoed Harris’ false claims about their state’s black history curriculum, no doubt as a way to attack Trump’s main primary opponent.

Unsurprisingly, Gaetz mocked Governor DeSantis for sending the letter to Harris, accusing the 2024 presidential candidate of desperation.

In a tweet last Monday, Gaetz suggested that DeSantis must be desperate if he is “thirsty for a Kamala visit.”

But given Harris’ defensive refusal, it is likely DeSantis’ move was a smart one since it forced the demagogic, tough-talking Harris to reveal her cowardice.