Franklin Graham Criticizes Church Of England’s Big Decision

According to a report, after hearing that the Church of England has decided to bless homosexual couples in trial ceremonies, Christian preacher Franklin Graham stated on Tuesday that it was an upsetting event for the church.

According to Graham, it doesn’t matter whether it’s referred to be a trial or not; the point is that it goes against God’s Word.

Trial blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples will go as planned, according to the Church of England.

Graham stated that for same-sex couples, the Church of England has chosen to proceed with experimental blessing ceremonies. He went on to say that we should pray for the Church to go back on the rock-solid path of God’s Word.

Graham’s pleading comes after reports surfaced that the General Synod was on board with an experimental proposal to bless gay couples during services.

A report reveals that the contentious ruling also seems to go against the spirit of a pastoral guidance document on gay marriage that the House of Bishops issued in 2014. In it, they stated that they were unanimous in their belief that the Christian concept and principles of marriage as an eternal bond between a man and a woman do not change.

God made it very plain in his Word that he intended for marriage to be between a man and a woman. After creating Adam, God gave him Eve, whom He saw as a suitable helpmate. It is not a subordinate or weak stance, contrary to what progressive leftists and feminists of today would have you believe. This decision by the Church of England runs against God’s Will.

Moreover, the sacrament of marriage symbolizes Christ’s affection for the Church, the bride, and his role as the bridegroom. This fact adds weight to the argument that the Church of England is intentionally compromising a sacred institution in order to conform to contemporary society.