Fox News Host Calls On Biden To Ban Entire World

Given the continuing violence between Israel and Hamas, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro has encouraged President Joe Biden to put a global ban on anyone entering the United States.

Pirro wished for Biden to address Iran and demand the return of the captives during an interview on The Five before the President’s speech on Thursday, in which he is scheduled to make the case for increased aid to both Israel and Ukraine.

The Fox host said she hopes Joe Biden will send a warning to all international travelers that no one comes to America any longer. “We’re done with everybody.”

She said she hoped that Biden would order the FBI to stop investigating Catholics, parents, and political opponents. She wants him to point out the dangers to American citizens that have been ignored in cases like the Boston bombing, the San Bernardino shooting, and the attack on the Pulse nightclub. She hopes that America once again earns the respect of the international community.

According to Pirro, President Biden’s visit to Israel delayed the ground invasion of Gaza and made him sound weak.

Biden left the United States for Israel on Tuesday as Israel continues to strike Hamas-controlled Gaza in response to the terror acts by that group that have resulted in over 1,300 dead and over 100 kidnappings. At some point, a massive Israeli ground invasion is expected to begin.

She inferred that a ground invasion had been briefly delayed by Biden’s presence. She noted that Biden is saying things that he could have stated without even visiting Israel.

Pirro said he could have prevented the spread of misinformation by holding a press conference. The report that Israel struck a hospital in Gaza is making the rounds online.

In summation, Pirro suggested that Biden was pretty much useless and weak, even going so far as to say he was a hindrance during this international crisis.