Former Trump Official Dies Of Injuries After Attack

A former member of the Trump administration who was severely injured in last week’s shooting spree across Prince George’s County and the District of Columbia passed away on Saturday, February 3rd.

The widow of former Trump administration CFTC chief of staff Mike Gill (56), Kristina Gill, announced her husband’s death, saying he passed away in a hospital.  His wife and three kids will be carrying on Mr. Gill’s legacy.

Yolanda Douglas, an eyewitness, recalled the horrific scenario in which Gill’s wife found him wounded after he had summoned her downstairs.

In a statement that was first received by the local news station, Mrs. Gill expressed that her husband’s abrupt departure has created an irreparable hole in their lives. She thanked all who have reached out to her family with condolences, offers of help, and expressions of affection and solidarity from the community and beyond.

In addition to his senior vice president role for capital markets at the Housing Policy Council, Gill was a member of the D.C. Board of Elections.

According to authorities, Artell Cunningham(28)  got into Gill’s waiting automobile at Mount Vernon Square on January 29 and shot him.

After exiting the truck, Gill fell to the ground. He was taken in serious condition to the hospital.

The perpetrator persisted in his spree after shooting Gill, carrying out a minimum of two further carjackings and an attempted carjacking, the last of which led to the killing of a second victim.

Prince George’s County, Maryland, was the last stop on the carjacking trail before the perpetrator was apprehended by police officials. The suspect was involved in an armed altercation on January 30th, during which he fired shots at two law enforcement officers in the District of Columbia and Maryland. The New Carrollton police eventually shot and killed the suspect.

The Suitland native was wanted for a minor offense with a record in both the District and Maryland, according to the police. They suspect he had mental health problems. Investigators are trying to pin down what prompted Cunningham’s criminal rampage.