Former Official Claims Terrorists Have Invaded America

According to a recent interview with Newsmax by Mark Morgan, a former acting commissioner of customs and protection, foreign terrorists have already crossed into the United States.

During Newsmax’s Sunday Agenda, Morgan said a letter was sent to Congress last month by ten former directors of the Federal Bureau of Investigations and counterintelligence specialists who expressed concern that the border policies implemented by the Biden administration had enabled an invasion of the US.

Morgan says the question is not whether the danger will strike our nation but when.

Along with other guests on the show, former Homeland Security adviser Charles Marino warned that the threat has increased due to recent attacks by the Biden administration on Iranian proxies.

A terrorist with ties to Al Shabaab was admitted under Biden’s administration and has been here for over a year now.  According to Marino, Biden is too loyal to the far left to take any action over the problem.

As an additional point, Morgan brought up the fact that the census includes illegal immigrants, which might result in a redistricting of districts favoring Democrats.  They think that if they can help every illegal immigrant become a citizen, it would be the same as a vote for the Democrats. They are risking our country’s security and safety in their pursuit of power and votes.

In January, Attorney General Andrew Bailey of Missouri made the announcement on X that he would sue the Biden administration in response to the discovery that an Al-Shabab Islamic terrorist was permitted to stay in the US for almost a year after crossing Biden’s porous border.

A report shows two members of Congress, Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Cori Bush (D-MO) voted against a measure on January 31 that would have barred the immigration of terrorists like Hamas and others involved in the jihadist terror assault on Israel on October 7 from the US.  The measure was approved 422 to 2.