Former Host Claims Trump’s Best Weapon Is Biden’s Frailty

As the calendar quickly moves towards the end of the month of September and nears the beginning of the month of October, the election season of 2023 nears its peak. While most federal elections are not held this year, state level elections are being held in several states with meaningful consequences as to the balance of power at the local level in those regions. Despite this, the national media remains focused on promoting the 2024 presidential election, which remains over a year away. Both major national political parties have attempted to make the race for the presidency a central focus in recent times. The 2nd presidential primary debate for the Republican party is scheduled to be held at the Reagan Presidential Library later this week, but the party frontrunner, Donald Trump will be skipping the debate for the second consecutive time.

Trump maintains a sizeable lead over the second place candidate, Ron DeSantis. The field of candidates remains crowded, but in truth the race is not really close or competitive. Most polls give Trump a lead of over 40 points. Critics of Trump within the GOP continue to hold out hope that the former president can be overtaken in the polls as they allege he is unpopular with crucial moderate voters and is a vulnerable candidate. In the Democratic party, President Biden enjoys the advantages of the incumbency and faces only token opposition to his nomination internally by Robert Kennedy Jr. Kennedy has thus far been received more favorably by Republican leaning voters rather than those within his party.

Despite this, Biden is vulnerable, and has received widespread majority disapproval ratings in recent polls. Trump and Biden remain locked in a dead heat in most early polls. On Newsmax, Geraldo Rivera made the argument that Trump should exploit Bidens weak physical and mental capabilities when attempting to attack his prospective opponent. Ultimately, time will tell how the race plays out.