Ford Recalls 550,000 Pickup Trucks Due to Serious Gear Issue

Over 550,000 Ford pickup trucks are part of a nationwide recall due to an issue with the gearboxes. Drivers may experience an abrupt shift to first gear regardless of the speed at which the trucks are traveling.

According to a release by U.S. safety government officials on June 25th, Ford claims that downshifting increases the likelihood of crashes because it might lead drivers to lose power over the trucks.

F-150 trucks manufactured in 2014 are included in the recalled vehicles. In the United States, the best-selling vehicle brand is Ford’s F-Series trucks. More than 540,000 2014 Ford pickup vehicles are allegedly able to suddenly change into a lower gear, increasing the likelihood of a collision, according to concerns that auto safety authorities started examining in March.

The powertrain control system and the transmission velocity sensor were unable to communicate, which led to the issue. Corrosion and issues with connecting pins are further potential issues.

Customers will get notifications in early July informing them that their dealers will be upgrading the computer program controlling the powertrain at no cost to themselves.

Ford anticipates having repairs available in the latter part of this year. Owners will also have mobile servicing, pickup, and delivery options at participating dealers. The NHTSA has received 124 consumer complaints, 396 field reports, and 396 warranty reports regarding the 482 vehicles.

Among the 130 complaints reported to the government, 52 claimed that the trucks’ back wheels seized up or that the drivers lost control. This information is confirmed by the corporation. One complaint said the issue may have caused an accident, while two others said they were hurt.

Less than one percent of the recalled cars likely have the issue, according to the automaker giant.  It is assisting the NHTSA with the investigation.

According to Ford, the F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in America for nearly 50 years, thanks in large part to its adaptability, variety of available features, and impressive performance. The F-150 is available in a wide range of trim levels, so you can choose the perfect work truck, family hauler, or off-road juggernaut.