Florida Tourists Slammed for Posing Dangerously Close to Alligator

The state of Florida has long been known for its sandy beaches, tropical weather, swampy conditions, and beautiful tourist attractions. In the modern era, theme parks like Disney’s Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and others have been a central attraction for many Americans everywhere and for people from across the world. Additionally, parks like Universal Studios have also been a strong destination for many people. Besides the rides, Cape Canaveral has been a place of enthusiasm for many space afficionados, with many rockets going through launchings there on a regular basis. The sunshine state also boasts a rich history, with the nation’s oldest continuously inhabited city, St. Augustine, offers tourists with a vibrant blend of history and culture from days long past with the town hailing back to the time of the Spanish control of Florida. The state is truly a beautiful one, with the name Florida deriving from the Spanish statement, “La Florida” which translates to “flowery one”. Many northerners have flocked to Florida over recent decades, with over 300,000 Americans estimated to be moving to the state year-over year. The 2020 census showed a population increase of over 3 million people in the state from the year 2010 to 2020, a strong indicator of growth.

Despite its appeal, Florida is not without its drawbacks and dangers. The region is ripe for hurricanes and tropical storms, and many people experience flooding and severe property damage annually. Additionally, alligators continue to pose a threat to humanity, with people’s safety sometimes coming into question. Attacks are somewhat regular. In the spring of 2024, a man was fishing at a golf course in Leesburg when a gator assaulted him, eating his hand.

Native Floridians are well aware of this danger, but many tourists are unaware or disregard gators. One group of tourists surrounded a gator while it ate a turtle, with one woman placing her child near the gator placing her offspring in danger.