Florida Senator Suggests Biden ‘Wants Terrorists’ In America

Florida Senator Rick Scott on January 7 accused the Biden administration of lawlessness over the surge in illegal aliens crossing the southern border, The Hill reported.

In an interview with radio talk show host John Catsimatidis, Senator Scott discussed the ongoing negotiations in the Senate on changes to asylum policies.

Scott said Congress must insist that no other funding would be approved until the southern border is secured. Accusing the Biden administration of being “lawless,” Scott said the administration didn’t “care what the laws are.”

The Florida Republican argued that Congress doesn’t need to pass any new laws. Instead, the federal government should just enforce existing immigration laws.

The previous week, Speaker Mike Johnson led a delegation of 64 Republican lawmakers to Eagle Pass, Texas where they toured the detention facility and port of entry.

In a press conference following the tour, lawmakers called for tougher border security and attacked the Biden administration for failing to secure the border.

Speaker Johnson told reporters that the tour had “been an eye-opener” for the lawmakers and warned that the country was at a “breaking point.” Johnson said the tour provided “a firsthand look at the damage and the chaos” the Biden administration had unleashed on the border.

The speaker called out the president, saying the border crisis was “unconscionable” and a “disaster” of Biden’s making.

Senator Scott discussed the visit to Eagle Pass with Catsimatidis, telling him that Republican lawmakers are “completely committed” to securing the border and would not pass any funding measure without border security.

Scott also blasted Senate Democrats, particularly Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. He told Catsimatidis that Schumer had the Senate Democrats acting “like little robots,” by making them go along with everything President Biden wants, and “Biden wants an open border,” he added.

Scott said the border crisis is a risk to “every family in this country” and the first thing Congress had to do was “secure the border.”