FBI Searching For Jan 6 Fugitives

The FBI is seeking several January 6 defendants who became fugitives after their initial court appearances or arrests, CBS News reported.

Currently, the FBI is looking for four Capitol Riot fugitives, all from the Tampa area, including Proud Boys member Christopher Worrell who disappeared just days before his scheduled sentencing last month.

Worrell, who was convicted in May on multiple federal charges, including resisting or assaulting police, was on house arrest while awaiting sentencing.

An FBI spokesperson with the Tampa field office told CBS News that the FBI is seeking the public’s assistance in tracking Worrell down.

According to the Justice Department, Worrell used pepper spray gel on a line of officers defending the Capitol from the rioters and later bragged about using “a whole can.”

In addition to Worrell, the FBI is also looking for three other Tampa-area fugitives, co-defendants Jonathan Pollack, his sister Olivia Pollock, and Joseph Hutchinson.

Jonathan Pollock of Lakeland, Florida has evaded capture for nearly two years. The bureau has offered a reward of $30,000 for information leading to Pollock’s arrest.

According to the Justice Department, Pollock seized a riot shield from a police officer and pulled the officer down the steps of the Capitol. He then used the riot shield to charge up the steps and plow into the line of police.

Pollock’s sister Olivia disappeared in late February, just one week before her trial was scheduled to begin.

Pollock’s other co-defendant Joseph Hutchinson is accused of fighting with police during the riot.

Both Hutchinson and Olivia Pollock pleaded not guilty before they went on the run.

Pollock’s other two co-defendants, Joshua Doolin, 25, and Michael Perkins, 39, were each convicted of entering and remaining on restricted grounds, disorderly and disruptive conduct on restricted grounds, and civil disorder.