Fauci Still Getting Security Detail On Taxpayer Dime

According to recently-obtained documents, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his family continue to receive taxpayer-funded protection from the US Marshals Service despite his retiring from his federal job, Fox News reported.

Documents obtained through a FOIA request by “Jesse Watters Primetime” reveal an agreement with the NIH for the Department of Health and Human Services to end its protective detail for Dr. Fauci on January 5, 2023, when the US Marshals Service would take over.

In one email obtained by “Jesse Watters Primetime,” a US Marshals Service official replies to an email from three NIAID/NIH officials informing them that “inappropriate communications” that refer to Fauci should be forwarded to the Department of Justice.

According to Fox News host Jesse Watters, the documents also reveal that Dr. Fauci receives taxpayer-funded limousines.

Last month, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, the HHS Inspector General, and the head of the NIH requesting information on Fauci’s employment status and receipts of any “taxpayer-funded” benefits he is still receiving.

In an interview with host Jesse Watters on Monday, Senator Paul confirmed that he was also informed that Dr. Fauci is receiving taxpayer-funded protection and said when he asked HHS about it, the agency said it hadn’t paid for Fauci’s protection since January and some other agency was picking up the tab which HHS was “reimbursing.”

Senator Paul described the evasiveness from Health and Human Services as an example of the federal government “lying to its representatives” and the American people.

Paul asked why the retired Dr. Fauci would continue to receive the kind of taxpayer-funded protective detail that is usually reserved for former presidents.

Senator Paul said he wondered if the retired Dr. Fauci is also receiving “pro bono legal representation,” adding if he does, he may need it soon.