Fani Willis In Hot Water After Campaign Promise Resurfaces

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is facing allegations of engaging in a romantic relationship with a subordinate, which directly contradicts her previous commitment not to do so. The allegations emerged after a video clip of an interview she gave in April 2020 resurfaced, revealing her strong stance against dating subordinates.

In the interview, Willis expressed concern for young women who might feel judged or uncomfortable in the workplace. She emphasized that under her leadership, supervisors should encourage and support their staff, not engage in relationships with them. She also acknowledged that extramarital affairs might exist in society but stated that the community is primarily concerned about inappropriate contact with employees. Willis believed such conduct could be distracting and problematic, potentially leading to lawsuits that taxpayers would have to bear.

These remarks have become increasingly relevant as allegations of a romantic relationship between Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade arise. Willis hired Wade to work on the Trump election interference case in Fulton County. Evidence from a separate divorce case involving Wade and his wife supports the allegations, suggesting that the relationship extended beyond the workplace. The divorce filings reveal that while working for Willis, Wade purchased plane tickets for trips to Miami, San Francisco, Belize, Panama, and Australia.

Willis has not explicitly denied the allegations but instead accused Wade’s wife of trying to obstruct the Trump case. She has also suggested that racism is involved in the accusations against her and Wade, implying that he is being questioned because of his race.

In addition to the allegations of a romantic relationship, concerns about Wade’s compensation have been raised. Despite lacking relevant prosecutorial experience for the type of case Willis is pursuing against former President Donald Trump, Wade is reportedly being paid more than two other prosecutors on the team.

The situation has escalated to the point where a lawyer for Wade’s wife seeks to depose Willis as part of the divorce case. A hearing on February 15 will determine whether Willis must respond to the allegations against her.

The events have cast a shadow over Willis as the district attorney, raising questions about her integrity and ability to lead. Her previous commitment not to date subordinates now starkly contrasts the allegations brought against her. As the investigation continues, the public awaits further developments and the potential consequences for Willis and her position as Fulton County District Attorney.