Ex-Democrat Says She Won’t Join The GOP

A report shows that months after switching from Democrat to Independent, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.) declared on Sunday that she had no intention of joining the Republican Party.

Although her voting record reveals she mostly sides with Democrats, on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Sinema explained to host Margaret Brennan why she believes the two major political parties in the United States are dysfunctional. She pointed out that the parties have adopted more polarizing language and become less cooperative as a result.

According to a report, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema said the Biden administration had lied about what was happening at the southern border.

According to the senator, she was offended by the White House Press Secretary’s  assertion that illegal migration was reduced by over 90%.

Sinema told Fox News’ Bret Baier that anyone with eyes could see the border isn’t safe.  

The former Democrat then blasted the White House press secretary for her boasts about President Biden’s response to the influx of illegal migrants at the southern border this week. She said those claims were false.   

Sinema explained the impact the border situation is having on her state’s rural areas. 

Her residents, she said, have informed her of regular high-speed chases involving traffickers of narcotics and migrants. 

Sinema noted that although Biden’s offer to deploy 1,500 soldiers to the southern border is a step in the right direction, it is far from adequate to resolve the situation. The government would do well to begin by doing what it says it would do: enforcing existing laws.

The discontinuation of the federal government’s Title 42 policy on Thursday has prompted Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) to announce the deployment of a new  border force to repel migrants.

On Monday, Abbott told Fox News that he had sent a new tactical team made up of elite members of the National Guard who had received specialized training for this purpose. And that is to find the gaps in border security where illegal immigrants are attempting to enter, then seal them off.