Ex-CNN Employee Described Herself As “Daydreamer”

An ex-CNN employee has been spreading allegations about Fox News. Abby Grosserg reportedly began at CNN as an associate producer in 2007 before moving to Fox News as a segment producer, according to Newsweek. But these were not dream jobs that Grossberg reportedly wanted. She originally wanted to become a filmmaker, according to National File

In 2000, Grossberg described herself as a “daydreamer” and said that she was attempting to pursue “a field of dreams.” But 23 years later, she is being featured on liberal outlets trashing Fox News and Tucker Carlson. After working for NBC in 2011, 2014, and 2015, she reportedly returned to Fox News before being fired. 

Gorssberg is now alleging that the workplace is filled with antisemitism, misogyny, and bullying. She is accusing Fox News of coercing her to make misleading statements about the $1.6 billion Dominion Voting Systems defamation case which allegedly damaged her reputation but “greatly benefitted” the network. 

After suing Fox News over the situation, she was fired. But Fox alleges that they fired her for sharing privileged information and informed her that doing so would result in termination. A spokesperson also said that her lawsuits are “riddled with false allegations.” 

While Grossberg never made it as a Hollywood filmmaker, she is now being featured on air in the wake of Tucker Carlson’s departure from the network calling him and the right-wing outlet liars for pursuing a political narrative. She accused the outlet of underestimating her and their audience, suggesting that Fox thinks their viewers are “stupid.” 

Fox News reportedly told NPR that an independent counsel is investigating the claims made by Grossberg. But the outlet specifically denied her claims about the Dominion case, which they settled for $787.5 million after the voting company accused the network of pushing a false narrative about their role in rigging the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden.