Donald Trump Soars Past Joe Biden In 2024 Polling

In a hypothetical rematch in 2024, former President Donald Trump polls higher in Nevada than current President Joe Biden.

According to a poll conducted by the Leadership America Needs PAC by McLaughlin & Associates and commissioned by former New York Republican congressman Lee Zeldin, Donald Trump has a narrow edge over Joe Biden, 49% to 48%.

Trump has a significant advantage over Biden in several important demographic categories, including Hispanic voters (54% vs. 41%), independent males (53% vs. 37%), and independent women (47% vs. 44%).

Almost three-quarters of Nevada voters are pessimistic about America’s future. Twenty-three percent of voters are worried about the economy, inflation, and employment; thirteen percent are worried about immigration and the southern border; and twelve percent are worried about politicians and the government.

According to the study, a majority of Nevadans are not happy with how President Biden is handling his duties. It also found that if Trump endorsed a candidate for the Senate race in Nevada, he would have the support of 66% of the state’s Republican primary voters.

Morning Consult reports that before he officially announced his candidacy on May 24, DeSantis trailed Trump among Republican primary voters by the same margin of 34 percentage points (22% to 56%). 

Since late November, the percentage of likely primary voters who had heard anything bad about DeSantis in the preceding week has increased to 24 percent.

The support of possible Republican primary voters for former Vice President Mike Pence, who has filed papers to seek the party’s 2024 nod, is steady at 7% since monitoring began in December. 

Prior to his official campaign launch, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has the backing of less than one percent of the party’s likely voters. 

The governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum, is widely anticipated to announce his candidacy for president this week, but a stunning 78% of likely Republican voters have never heard of him and have no opinion about him.