Donald Trump Issues “Death” Warning To The Public

( Former President Donald Trump went on a Truth Social tirade last Friday, attacking Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and threatening “death and destruction” if charges are brought against him, the New York Post reported.

The former president blasted the District Attorney’s Office as “human scum” and demanded to know why Alvin Bragg won’t do the “right thing” and “call it a day.”

In a now-deleted post, Trump shared two images side-by-side, with an image of Trump wielding a baseball bat placed beside an image of Alvin Bragg.

Throughout the wee hours of Friday morning, Trump raged against the Bragg and the various investigations against the man “who got more votes than any sitting President in history.”

In one post, Trump asserted that he committed no crime and said that the “potential death and destruction” that awaits if he faces charges would be “catastrophic” for the country. Trump raged that only a “degenerate psychopath” who hates the country would “do such a thing.” 

Later that day, it was reported that an envelope containing white powder was mailed to District Attorney Alvin Bragg along with a death threat. The FBI and NYPD investigated and found that the powder was not hazardous.

The New York Times reported that the grand jury investigating the alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels reconvened on Monday where the jurors heard testimony from David Pecker, the former publisher of the tabloid The National Enquirer.

This was Pecker’s second appearance before the grand jury having testified in January.

Pecker played a central role in the 2016 hush money incident as he and the top editor of The National Enquirer helped to broker the deal between Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels.

One source familiar with the matter told the New York Times that the grand jurors did not vote on an indictment after Monday’s testimony. However, the vote is expected soon.