Dodgers Put On Faith And Family Event After Hosting Drag Show

The Los Angeles Dodgers put on a “Christian Faith and Family Day” two months after hosting a drag show, according to Newsmax. The Californian baseball team has been in the midst of controversy after inviting an anti-Catholic group to its Pride Night event in June. The Christian event followed a 9-0 loss to the Cincinnati Reds, but hundreds of fans stayed after the game. 

The day featured a performance before and after the game by Jeremy Camp. Other notable figures spoke about the importance of God, including Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw, third baseman Max Muncy, utility player Chris Taylor, and actor Chris Pratt, who also threw the ceremonial first pitch. 

Kershaw reportedly garnered the most attention for his remarks. He voiced his opposition to the Dodgers’ celebration of the anti-Catholic group “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” during the pride event. But he addressed concerns that the Christian event, which last took place in 2019, was in response to the pride event. Kershaw claimed that it was just coincidental. 

In June, the Dodgers then presented an award to the anti-Catholic group, which reportedly drew criticism and protest from around 2,000 fans. The award came more than an hour before the first pitch with only about 300 people in the stadium, which was allegedly to prevent the team’s millions of Catholic fans from voicing their disapproval in the stadium. 

Users on social media commented on the team’s Instagram post about the Christian event, with some saying that religion was being forced down people’s throats. Others opposed that thought, saying that just weeks earlier the team hosted a Pride event where one’s bedroom orientation is the center of attention. 

But fans at the Christian event were particularly excited when Dodger’s skipper Dave Roberts spoke. He called the crowd “very forgiving” for still being there after a 9-0 loss.