DOD To Permit Trans Soldiers To Delay Deployment

Transgender service members receiving hormone therapy at Fort Liberty’s Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC) may be excluded from deployment for up to three hundred days, per a Department of Defense directive from February 2023.

The timetable is contingent upon the service member’s clinical stabilization.

According to a leaked paper, most service members require roughly 300 days of cross-sex hormone therapy before reaching a stable state. It also specifies that they won’t be deployable during that time.

The letter also specifies the range of publicly supported medical care available to transgender service members at WAMC. Transgender service members have the option of requesting surgery before beginning hormone therapy. After 12 months of hormone therapy, transgender military members can pursue surgical procedures, including top and bottom surgery.

Surgical “top” procedures are available at WAMC and are fully reimbursed. However, WAMC does not cover voice feminization surgery. All transitioning service members would receive speech and communication treatment. Laser hair removal was considered aesthetic and medically vital.

The document claims that WAMC offers facial/body contouring services but that these procedures are not covered by insurance because of their purely aesthetic nature.

According to the document, changing gender might take nine to eighteen months. A member of the armed forces can seek a waiver of regulation now. This would allow individuals to dress, groom, undergo fitness testing, and use the billeting, restroom, and shower facilities according to their preferred gender identity.

Medical transition for transgender military members is to be coordinated by unit leaders, according to the letter. Commanders cannot refuse treatment if deemed medically essential, as demonstrated in the accompanying sample treatment plan. 

The Defense Health Agency did not return to Breitbart News in time for comment.

Last month, the Army spotlighted Maj. Rachel Jones, a transgender soldier, compared her transition to “taking off a very heavy rucksack.”

The 1985 military recruitment ad – We’re Looking For a Few Good Men – seems antiquated and “unwoke.”