DHS Monitoring Jan 6. Infant On Terror Watchlist

The Department of Homeland Security is monitoring a 2-month-old baby as part of its January 6 intelligence operation. The revelation came to light when conservative commentator Glenn Beck invited former air marshal Sonya Hightower-LaBosco onto his talk show. Beck asked Hightower-LaBosco if it was true, and she replied, “Yes, Glenn, we’re doing that now. It’s an 8-week-old baby that’s on the terrorist watch list.”

The baby’s father “walked through the Capital, or he did something of that nature on January 6,” the former air marshal added. The child’s parents didn’t know their infant was under observation until its mother took a flight to visit family and noted that the toddler’s boarding card was marked with “SSSS,” signifying that the baby was contained on a terror watchlist.

Hightower-LaBosco also told Mr. Beck that a 6-year-old and a 9-year-old are on the same watchlist.

Additionally, Ms. Hightower-LaBosco said air marshals are now deployed to the southern border to fulfill “non-law enforcement duties” instead of preventing terror attacks on planes. “We’re ushering in illegals, we’re catering to the illegals, and the American people, who buy plane tickets and pay security fees and expect to be safe, have no nobody looking out for them,” she said.

The terrorist watchlist is kept and updated by the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center and contains the names of people the agency considers pose a threat to US security. It is split into “Known terrorists,” who are people who have previously been charged or arrested for terrorism offenses, and “Suspected terrorists” who the FBI believes are “reasonably suspected” to be involved in terrorism.

Government agencies nominate individuals to be added to the list, and the National Counterterrorism Center vets these. Civil liberties groups have for many years raised concerns about how people end up on the list and allege that the process lacks transparency. Groups specifically object to the fact that people are not told when they are added.