DeSantis Claims Trump Is Using Biden’s ‘Basement’ Strategy’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, contending for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, criticized former President Trump for his absence at the recent GOP debates, likening his approach to that of Joe Biden during his campaign.

“Respecting all that Donald Trump has done, relying on a strategy reminiscent of Joe Biden’s ‘basement period’ is not how we’ll defeat the Democrats,” DeSantis commented on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

During the initial phase of the COVID-19 outbreak, the GOP, under Trump’s leadership, often critiqued then-candidate Joe Biden for avoiding in-person campaign events.

“Being absent is not an option. It’s essential to be present, to connect with people, and earn their trust. If one doesn’t commit to this, the electorate will definitely observe, especially as elections near,” DeSantis emphasized.

In addition, DeSantis hinted at Trump’s age as a factor in leadership, noting, “Our focus should be on someone capable of a full eight-year tenure.”

Despite DeSantis’s commentary, Trump currently holds a strong lead in GOP primary surveys.

Even though DeSantis was initially perceived as a significant competitor to Trump, his national polling numbers have dipped since announcing his candidacy. As of now, he has struggled to surpass Trump.

In response to inquiries about his approach to success, DeSantis indicated Trump’s reduced presence in the campaign scene.

“To succeed, you must be proactive. Engage directly; don’t be absent. Interact with voters, especially in pivotal states like Iowa and New Hampshire, conveying your vision for America and why you’re the optimal choice,” DeSantis explained.

When questioned about why he is the best GOP candidate to challenge Biden, DeSantis responded, “My track record showcases my dependability within the Republican Party. Washington requires this kind of decisive action. 2024 is a pivotal moment. We don’t get a second chance. We either rise to the occasion or risk setting back our nation for the upcoming generation.”

He further asserted, “I believe I am that leader. My track record speaks volumes for my reliability within the Republican Party. I’ve consistently delivered on promises rather than just making speeches. Washington needs actionable leaders, not more rhetoric.”

While Trump was on the campaign trail in Iowa on Sunday, DeSantis believed that a GOP nominee contender should be exerting even more effort.