Democratic Governor Whine About Migrant Bussing

In a recent interview on ABC News’ “This Week,” Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker expressed his condemnation of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to bus migrants from Texas to Democratic cities and states. Pritzker emphasized the impact of the migrant crisis on voters, with many expressing disapproval of President Biden’s management of the southern border. However, rather than blaming the president, Pritzker pointed the finger at Republicans.

Pritzker called for action from Congress, highlighting the need for comprehensive immigration reform and improved border security. He acknowledged the long-standing desire of Democrats for immigration reform and criticized Republicans for their refusal to engage in discussions. Pritzker expressed hope that progress would be made but emphasized that more needed to be done by both the president and Congress.

The Illinois governor then turned his attention to Abbott, criticizing him for redistributing migrants from the southern border to Democratic regions up north. Pritzker highlighted the challenges faced by cities in Illinois, particularly in light of the extreme winter weather conditions. He expressed concern over the lack of shelter space and the strain on resources caused by the influx of migrants.

Pritzker accused Abbott of disregarding the well-being of both the migrants and the cities they were being sent to. He questioned Abbott’s motives, suggesting that the governor intentionally targeted Democratic states and cities. Pritzker revealed that requests to halt the relocation of migrants due to dangerous weather conditions had been ignored. According to Pritzker, this rebuke demonstrated Abbott’s lack of care for those affected.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, a Democrat, has also been a vocal critic of Abbott. He accused the Texas governor of attacking Democratically run cities, particularly those led by blacks or leaders of color. Johnson described Abbott’s approach as reckless, raggedy, and evil-spirited. He urged Abbott to reflect on the chaos he was causing for the entire country, emphasizing that this was not just a Chicago issue but a national concern.

The condemnation of Abbott’s actions by Governor Pritzker and Mayor Johnson highlights the ongoing political and humanitarian challenges surrounding the migrant crisis and the need for comprehensive immigration reform. As the debate continues, it is clear that the impact of these policies extends beyond party lines and directly affects the lives of migrants and the communities to which they are sent.