Dem Leadership Sours On ‘Squad’ Radicals

Over the last several years and the better part of a decade, political tensions and the ideological positions adopted and espoused by both major parties in the federal political environment of the United States have changed dramatically. Overall, the nation finds itself increasingly polarized and divided as economic, social, and political conditions in the country continue to worsen. Following the election of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, a brand of populist conservatism has been infused into the national GOP (or Republican) party, and many working class voters that had previously been reliable democratic voters have realigned themselves with Trump’s party. In the Democratic party, since the election of President Barack Obama in 2012 and even prior, the party has gradually shifted increasingly leftward and adopted a much more progressive and radical stance. Indeed, millions of blue collar voters across America (historically the backbone of the party) realized this quickly and abandoned the Democrats.

Progressive politics are extremely globalist in nature, fiscally irresponsible , and seek to radically transform the historic culture of America. Due to reckless spending and the continued promotion of the American government as a “welfare state”, progressives have crippled the American middle class and inflation has crushed average families. 60% of citizens are now living paycheck to paycheck, and home ownership appears out of reach for more people than ever before. As economic situations continue to worsen, the party and the president (Joe Biden) have received consistent disapproval ratings from voters.

The radicalism of Democrats was on full display in the aftermath of the Hamas October terrorist attacks in Israel in which over 1,000 citizens were murdered. Some 15 democratic members of the federal house of representatives refused to condemn the terrorist and acknowledge American support for Israel. The minority leader of the house of representatives, Hakeem Jeffries , and Rashida Tlaib, a radical representative, are among these members. Things are certainly tumultuous in Washington.