Deadly Bear Killed After Fatally Mauling Woman

Montana wildlife authorities confirmed on Wednesday that a grizzly bear was killed after it broke into a residence in West Yellowstone over the weekend. The same bear severely mauled a lady on a forest path west of Yellowstone National Park in July and attacked a person in Idaho three years earlier.

According to a statement released by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, a homeowner reported early Saturday that a bear with a cub had smashed through a kitchen window and stolen dog food.

Since grizzly bears are protected under the Endangered Species Act, agency employees apprehended the cub but killed the female grizzly mother after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service granted permission.

The bear was linked to the deadly assault on former Kansas teacher Amie Adamson, 48, roughly 8 miles from West Yellowstone on July 22 by DNA study and other identifying criteria. At that time, attempts to capture the bear failed.

In 2020, a visitor to Idaho’s Henrys Lake State Park was wounded by the same bear trapped the previous year for scientific study. West Yellowstone is 16 kilometers away from the park by road.

Officials say the bear reacted defensively in both interactions with humans.

The bear’s male youngster, who weighs 46 pounds, is now housed at Montana’s state wildlife rehabilitation facility in Helena.

A Navy veteran from Montana claims he was ‘French kissed’ by a 10-foot grizzly bear and had his jaw ripped off by the animal when they came face to face.

On Friday, 61-year-old Rudy Noorlander was attacked while assisting a father and son shoot a deer 55 miles from Yellowstone National Park in Big Sky, Montana.

When Noorlander stumbled upon a tiny bear protecting a deer corpse.
He barely drew his weapon when an even giant bear, estimated 10 feet tall, emerged from hiding behind a tree and attacked him.

He had no time to get out his bear spray and fired an unsuccessful shot at the enraged animal before swinging a fist at it. The bear knocked Noorlander to the ground, chewing at his arms, legs, and torso.

Noorlander has a long recovery road ahead of him.