Cruz Calls For Impeachments If Supported By Evidence

In a recent speech, Texas Senator Ted Cruz suggested that the testimony from the IRS whistleblowers show that Attorney General Merrick Garland lied under oath and should be impeached, the Daily Wire reported.

While speaking at an event hosted by Turning Post USA in Florida over the weekend, Cruz noted that the IRS whistleblowers who have revealed the Justice Department’s obstruction into the 5-year investigation into Hunter Biden are not “right-wing Republicans” with “an axe to grind against Joe Biden.”

Cruz said Gary Shapley and former anonymous whistleblower Joseph Ziegler are both “career IRS employees.” He noted that “Mr. X.” (AKA Joseph Ziegler) is a registered Democrat who is married to a man, adding that this information “does not suggest some right-wing activist who hates Joe Biden.”

What it does suggest, Cruz added, is a person who “looked at this and said this is fundamentally corrupt.”

Cruz said that based on the testimony of the two whistleblowers, Attorney General Garland lied when he claimed in sworn testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee that there was no political interference in the investigation of the Biden family.

Cruz said the first thing that should happen is for the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel “to investigate and prosecute” Attorney General Garland for “lying under oath and obstruction of justice.”

He said the second thing should be for the House to impeach Garland.

Finally, Cruz said that if the evidence confirms the claims of the IRS whistleblowers that Joe Biden accepted bribes from foreign nationals, the third thing that should happen is for the House to impeach President Biden.

The Texas senator said the Constitution allows for the impeachment of a president for “treason, bribery, or high crimes or misdemeanors.” He noted that “bribery” is “explicitly listed” as a reason for impeachment.