Couple Attacks Chipotle Employee Over Chicken Charge

For years, the state of American culture and society at large has been on a slow decline. Truly, when comparing the nature of the United States as a society that existed before the counterculture movement of the 1960s and watching the transformation that has gradually occurred over the last 60 years, things are sobering. There is truly not one singular reason in particular for the decline in the culture of America, but rather there are many contributing factors. One would be the rise of modern feminism and the changing nature of the domestic and western international economy at large which pushed women into the workforce and subsequently created a system in which two incomes are needed to sustain ordinary families instead of only one.

The nuclear family has been destroyed – less and less households have two traditional parents in the home, and the role of God and the Christian religion in the country has been seriously reduced. Another reason would be the increase in immigration from outside the western world. Following the passage of the Hart Celler Act in 1965, immigration policy in America changed drastically – quotas based on nation of origin were removed, and chain migration into the country from places outside of the western world increased tenfold. Today, millions of legal and illegal immigrants arrive every year in the country, and many are not western and have no understanding of what it means to be an active citizen in a self governing constitutional republic.

Ultimately, America is in serious trouble. As social normalities of the past continue to fade, communities have become less cohesive. People feel less connected to one another, and as a result, become often at worst more hostile or at best more removed from community affairs. Recently, two black Americans – a couple from South Carolina, assaulted a female fast food worker and violently beat her over the increased price of additional chicken at a Chipotle.