Cop Catches Child Predator Drinking And Driving With Kids Inside Car

A cop caught a child predator driving drunk with six children in the car, according to The New York Post. Empty bottles of tequila and Fireball whiskey were also found. The footage is from last year when Jeremy Guthrie was reportedly pulled over in New Mexico with the children that he claimed were his 18-year-old friends. 

Guthrie was speaking incoherently when he was pulled over and police officers gave him a sobriety field test, which he failed. One officer asks the 41-year-old how old the children in the car are. Guthrie repeatedly says 18 but the officer disputes the claim. When Guthrie gets out of the vehicle, his zipper is seen pulled down and he asks if he could pull it up. He then claims that his zipper was open because he had to urinate before. 

When he was booked, Guthrie was charged with driving under the influence and child abuse. He allegedly raped and impregnated one of the 12-year-old girls. She went on to have a miscarriage after a year of abuse at the hands of Guthrie. The girl also had a sister, who Guthrie also allegedly raped. Text messages reveal that he was sending her lewd messages and telling her how much he loved the sisters. 

The family of the victim spoke to KRQE News. The young girls’ grandmother said that she was “livid.” She said that she had no idea who Guthrie was when she received a call from the police. 

Her granddaughters then informed their grandmother that Guthrie was still contacting them from jail, much to her surprise. Guthrie alleged that he paid a guard to use his phone but stopped sending them messages after the girls told him the police knew he was contacting them. 

The grandmother advises parents and guardians to maintain a close watch on their children and to check their social media.