Conservative Think Tank Already Recruiting For Trump 2nd Term

Allies of former President Donald Trump are already pre-screening thousands of prospective foot soldiers in anticipation of Trump winning the White House.

Axios recently reported that this effort is being undertaken as part of an operation that seeks to centralize Trump’s presidential powers and then expand them throughout every aspect of the federal government – should he win the 2024 election. The media outlet cited officials who are involved with that effort.

The effort is being financed by hundreds of people who are contributing tens of millions of dollars so that there’s a literal “army” of as many as 54,000 Trump loyalists installed at various government agencies, with the goal to remove restraints that have been imposed on every president before him.

Sources told Axios that the screening has started already, and it’s been fueled in large part by the tech company Oracle, which is providing the artificial intelligence tools necessary. The leadership team is also pouring through the social media history of each of the prospective hires.

This would certainly be a big diversion from the path that Trump took when he entered the White House back in 2017. Then, he named mostly “conventional Republicans” to the key positions in his administration.

What Trump found, though, is that those people ended up curtailing his power and behavior – which he certainly didn’t like.

This time around, it appears that Trump – and his prominent allies – are putting in the legwork now to make sure that doesn’t happen again if he were to return to the White House. They are looking to stretch the traditional boundaries of governing to give the president more power than anyone who served before him.

All of these loyalists – who could be named to jobs in domestic and regulatory policy, defense, judicial and legal agencies – would be tasked with heading up what Trump is calling his “Agenda 47.”

At the same time, anyone who is thought to be hostile to the details of Agenda 47 would be quickly ousted from the federal government.

Axios reports that the people who are leading this effort to pre-screen people “aren’t figures like Rudy Giuliani. They’re smart, experienced people, many with very unconventional and elastic views of presidential power and traditional rule of law.”

All of this effort is being coordinated by Project 2025, a well-funded project being headed by the conservative Heritage Foundation. In fact, Project 2025 has published a policy book already that stretches 920 pages and counts more than 400 contributors to it.

In essence, Axios described the effort as basically a transition team that’s being put into action a full year before Trump would even be elected to the White House.

Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation, told Axios that the apparatus is “orders of magnitude” larger than anything that’s ever been assembled for a political party that isn’t currently in power.

The policy series in question, called “Mandate for Leadership,” actually dates back more than 30 years. But, Project 2025’s director, Paul Dans, told Axios:

“Never before has the entire movement … banded together to construct a comprehensive plan to deconstruct the out-of-touch and weaponized administrative state.”