CNN Praises Getting Married To Yourself

“Go marry yourself!!” 

There was a time when saying that to someone could be considered a cleaned-up variation on an oft-used slur.

In 2023, CNN considers “marrying oneself” a good thing.

The left assured Americans that marriage would be safe from further attacks after the 2015 Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, in which the liberal court made same-sex marriage lawful everywhere.

They claimed love is love. But the sanctity of marriage was never in question. People not in the traditional demographic wanted to participate in the beautiful tradition.

Marginalized homosexuals grew up with the definition of marriage between two opposite-sex adults who were legally recognized when both parties were of legal age and consented to the union. Gay people wanted that right.

Civil unions, legally on par with marriage, were considered a half measure. Within the last decade, the left had changed their position and agreed that “marriages” between gay couples should be performed in a church and recognized by the state as such, not just a “civil union.”

On Wednesday, CNN tried to legitimize a different form of marriage by reporting on a trend in which single women are tying the knot with… themselves. CNN profiled several women who engaged in so-called “sologamy” favorably. People throughout the Western Hemisphere are indulging in this strange and desperate behavior.

The word “marriage” means to combine two parts. If you’re by yourself, you’re not being married to anything unless you “identify” as two people, whereby everyone else is expected to abide by that delusion.

CNN interviewed four self-married ladies. They say it’s a sign of having a solid bond with oneself and loving oneself unconditionally. Women in their forties through their sixties were shown on CNN. Some even held elaborate ceremonies with bridesmaids to celebrate their “symbolic marriages.”

This doesn’t, at all, sound like the sanctity of marriage is being preserved.