CNN Host Panics At Having To Join Yet Another Platform

CNN’s Jake Tapper joked that he had had enough of rival social media networks and declared that Threads was sufficient.

Meta, the parent business of Instagram and Facebook, released text-based application Threads last week. Users of Threads appreciated Instagram’s simple import features for user biographies and follower lists. Mark Zuckerberg did a few victory laps after his app was called a “Twitter Killer” and purportedly gained millions of subscribers in several hours, with some joining out of curiosity.

According to a report,  as Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Elon Musk continue to go at it verbally, the latest application produced by his Meta firm is being called a “Twitter Killer,” but it seems like the only thing Zuck’s Threads app would kill is your right to speak freely.

The hatred for Twitter and its founder, Elon Musk, was so great that they flocked in droves to Threads. But they did so in the dark, not knowing what they were setting themselves up for. 

Threads is generating a lot of issues regarding censorship. It is collecting personal information and raising severe privacy issues.

There are already many reports of Threads suppressing accounts, including the addition of caution labels to profiles that discourage others from following them.

According to a report, you can’t make a billion dollars like Mark Zuckerberg did without being sneaky and knowledgeable. The simplicity with which new users might join the Threads app is one such example. Anyone with an Instagram account may instantly link and download Threads. However, doing so requires disclosing a plethora of previously undisclosed personal details.

Threads’ only purpose is to serve as a vast data mine. For Zuckerberg and other influential people, it’s a convenient hub from which to control an individual’s most prized possession: access to their private information.

Not sure whether Threads is right for you? Then you should have read the fine print because erasing it would require wiping away your whole Instagram profile.  

As the song goes,  you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.