Chris Christie Claims Trump’s Legal Woes Will Damage Campaign

Reports show that former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s second presidential run has been controversial. His willingness to take on Donald Trump head-on sets him apart from all of his opponents.

However, his ability to convey that message is doubted due to his extreme unpopularity within the Republican base. Polls conducted by Morning Consult consistently show that he has twice the unpopularity of any primary candidate among Republican voters, and at some candidate events, his harsh critiques of Trump have prompted a chorus of loud boos.

A report shows Christie was booed at the initial Republican debate, forcing moderator Brett Baier to intervene.

He’s still polling around 3% nationwide, he’s all but written out the Iowa caucuses, and his best short-term influence may be to cripple former Gov. Nikki Haley in New Hampshire.

The Christie team produced a paper on Friday describing Christie’s current strategy and arguing that presidential field consolidation is premature. Christie told the media he believes he can survive the early nomination battles and become the party’s Trump alternative.

Christie said his opinion is that you should try your hardest in these early stages, as he planned, and then be prepared for the consequences of his conviction. Furthermore, it differs from an indictment. He said that an indictment is a list of charges from a legal system that many Republicans believe to be biased.

But Christie desperately clings to his belief that when Donald Trump’s former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, takes the stand and claims that his former boss (allegedly) ordered him and others to commit crimes on his behalf to ‘rig’ the election and maintain his position of power, he thinks they will feel very differently about his candidacy.

Christie swears that Donald Trump will not be the Republican Presidential candidate.

Many are sure Chris Christie won’t, either.