CCP To Deploy Dangerous New “Red AI” 

( According to a report, Baidu, China’s largest search engine, is trying to release an AI-powered chatbot on March 16 for the communist regime’s first AI version of ChatGPT. 

Those familiar with the project told the American media that Baidu, China’s largest search-engine operator, is hurrying to achieve its deadline even though the artificial intelligence tool, codenamed Ernie Bot, still fails to execute a few primary duties. 

As Chinese businesses cannot purchase computer chips owing to U.S. sanctions, it has been stated that members of other teams have been reassigned to assist with Ernie Bot’s development. 

There is concern among some staff that Ernie Bot may fall short of user and market expectations.  Before the launch, some workers sold their shares in Baidu. 

The original plan for Ernie Bot had it conversing in Chinese and English. However, the project has been narrowed to make Ernie Bot a Mandarin-only AI-powered chatbot. The original plan was scrapped. 

Reports reveal that Baidu is in a rush to release the ChatGPT competitor to overcome competition from other Chinese businesses. 

The operator of the search engine plans to introduce Ernie Bot gradually. The startup plans to release its AI chatbot to the general public once tested with a select group of users. Baidu believes Ernie Bot’s performance will increase when exposed to new environments. 

According to a far-east news outlet, tech experts are less optimistic about the bot’s potential than the marketplace seems to be since they haven’t seen examples of what it can accomplish and how clever it may be.   

As Google is unavailable in China, the firm is banking on Ernie Bot to further solidify its position as the go-to internet search tool in the country. Currently, Baidu has about 75% of the market share, whereas Bing from Microsoft only accounts for a small percentage. 

CCP-controlled Beijing News has announced that it would employ the system for its articles.