Carjacking Victim Reveals 11-Year-Old Held The Gun

A report reveals that police in Virginia had charged an eleven-year-old with robbery after allegations that he had carjacked a DoorDash driver at gunpoint. An 11-year-old and Jahlia Henley (18) reportedly robbed Deon Smith when she was making a delivery at a Richmond apartment.

According to reports, Smith, who is a home healthcare nurse by day, said she suspected the pair were desperately trying to get financial help.

Smith told the local media outlets that the boy was threatening her with a pistol while demanding her keys. She claims the scenario became violent when the older suspect also brandished a gun and demanded her vehicle keys. She was flabbergasted upon hearing that the boy intended to shoot her. She wondered why he would want to kill someone at that young age.

Smith said the boy demanded that she get into the vehicle, but she refused. So they pair hopped in and drove away.

It was subsequently discovered that the suspects had left in Smith’s car, which they crashed and caught on fire, according to reports. Both carjackers were sent to nearby hospitals for treatment of injuries that did not pose a life-threatening risk.

Both individuals are facing charges of carjacking and criminal use of a handgun. Henley’s counsel made no statements. No one could get in touch with the juvenile’s lawyer for comment.

Deon Smith found out later that her car was totaled. She said that she had just paid off the car last September. It was stolen and destroyed within two months.

In order to help out Smith and her daughter, who is just ten years old, her friends have launched a GoFundMe page.

According to the campaign, she is struggling to provide for herself and her 10-year-old daughter due to her inability to work due to her current automobile situation.