“Breaking Bad” Star Is Retiring

Good or bad, the Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is prepared for a break.

At Tuesday’s New York City premiere of Asteroid City, ET’s Rachel Smith chatted with the 67-year-old actor, and he discussed his planned time off with his wife, Robin Dearden.

Cranston said he and his wife were thinking about making an “escape for a little bit” to get reacquainted with one another.

He said it’s been 34 years of marriage, and wants to modify the dynamic between them.

Cranston explained why now is the proper time for a break, that twenty-five years have flown by in what feels like a blur, and his wife has been around for the ride the whole time; he wants to find some way to make things more balanced.

He revealed that in addition to focusing on his relationship with his wife, Robin, he wants to pay some attention to the Dos Hombres Mezcal Tequila brand, which he co-founded with his former co-star Aaron Paul.

He’s said on Instagram that he’s not “retiring.” He explained that when he turns 70 in 2026, he will put his life on hold for a year.

Cranston said he’s not even sure what ‘pausing’ means entirely, but at this moment, he thinks it means that taking a year off it will provide several things, including quality time with Robin, a chance to “reset” his profession, and a break from social media.

Then he added that before that happens, he’s got some unfinished business, saying several films are coming out soon that he’s very proud of.

In addition to Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Maya Hawke, and others, Cranston has starred in several recent feature films with a crop of A-listers.

Cranston first gained notoriety on the small screen by playing Jerry Seinfeld’s dentist in the hit sitcom. He was also featured in King of Queens as Kevin James’ neighbor.