Border Pics Show Area Completely Overrun

The Arizona border is facing an influx of adult male migrants from various parts of the world, including Africa and the Middle East. This surge coincides with a significant increase in border crossings in the Tucson Sector. In Lukeville, Arizona, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had to close the local port of entry due to the overwhelming number of illegal entries.

Recent footage from Fox News shows hundreds of single military-aged men waiting to be processed into the United States. Notably, there were no women or children among them. One man mentioned paying $10,000 to a smuggler to travel from Mauritania via Colombia, while another stated his plans to head to New York City if released into the U.S.

The Tucson Sector experienced a record-breaking number of encounters, with nearly 3,000 in a single day and 17,500 in a week. Representative Juan Ciscomani of Arizona urged the deployment of the Arizona National Guard to the border, emphasizing the urgent need for assistance.

The situation further escalated when migrants took advantage of gaps in the border wall, which federal contractors were repairing. They rushed through the openings and entered the United States before the repairs could be completed.

The Biden administration has pledged to increase the use of expedited removal authority for migrants and has requested additional resources for border operations, staffing, and non-custodial housing. However, negotiations in Congress are ongoing, with Republicans seeking stricter asylum standards and limits on humanitarian parole. Some Senate Democrats have indicated their willingness to consider these policy changes if tied to an amnesty program for millions of undocumented immigrants already residing in the U.S.

The government has requested heightened financial support from Congress to tackle the border crisis, describing it as a matter spanning the entire Hemisphere. Additionally, they’ve encouraged Republicans to endorse a comprehensive immigration bill that was proposed at the start of their term. This legislation encompasses measures for a widespread amnesty initiative aimed at undocumented immigrants.

However, Republicans have opposed this proposed law and put forth their own bill. Their focus is on augmenting funding for border security, implementing more stringent asylum regulations, and placing restrictions on humanitarian parole. They attribute the persisting crisis to the administration’s reversal of policies from the Trump era.