Biden’s Re-Election Odds Continue To Drop

Since the monumental 2020 election cycle, despite strong headwinds and an unfavorable election climate in many regards, Democratic partisan politicians in the United States have made sizeable gains or defended key territories on the political map. While the party continues to prove it is a more organized and potent political machine to its Republican adversary, the majority coalition in the executive branch and the senate is not without its vulnerabilities heading into the 2024 election cycle. Indeed, the sitting president Joe Biden has made many questionable governing decisions during his two and a half years in office. Under his watch, inflation has crippled working class families across the country, home prices have soared, the nation has plunged deeper into debt, and two major wars have escalated overseas. Paired with all this, the situation at America’s southern border continues to deteriorate and tens of thousands of migrants are estimating to be entering the country on a daily basis.

One issue that created a major uproar earlier in Bidens term was that of vaccine mandates regarding the COVID-19 virus. While part of this mandate was rescinded, recently the supreme court ruled in favor of the Biden administration. Republicans across the board have often been characterized as chief players in a scheme to erode individual liberty and strip the American people of their cherished rights to medical freedom and personal choice. Now, many of these Democrat politicians have done an abrupt 180 degree shift, supporting broad-mandates, such as mask requirements in schools, disregarding the studies that show their detriment to the social, educational and mental well-being of a child.

In truth, there are many issues and positions that leftist politicians have taken over the last several years that have been deemed controversial. Nonetheless, the party continues to win elections year after year. Recently, a poll released gave the former president Donald Trump a 10% edge in Michigan over Biden. The election remains distant.