Biden’s Calls For Backup At U.N. Fail

During last week’s UN General Assembly, the Biden administration sought to gain support from countries in the so-called Global South for the United States’ global priorities, particularly in supporting Ukraine in its war with Russia, the Washington Times reported.

While Biden officials said they rallied support from developing nations that have been on the fence over siding with the US and its allies against rivals like China and Russia, outside observers said countries that have refused to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine and have flouted sanctions against Moscow, like Brazil, Vietnam, and South Africa, were unmoved.

In his address to the General Assembly last week, President Biden touted his administration’s efforts to increase lending from wealthy nations to developing countries. And while he did not call for peace talks or a ceasefire in Ukraine, the president declared Russia solely responsible for the war and said Moscow alone has the power to end it.

The president also came out against the notion of allowing Ukraine to be “carved up” to achieve peace, saying the world must “stand up” to Russia’s “naked aggression” now to deter other aggressors in the future.

Administration officials claimed that the president’s message was well received by the countries still on the fence over the war.

Secretary of State Blinken told reporters last Friday that at a special meeting of the UN Security Council, nations “from every region condemned Russia’s war on Ukraine.” He suggested that by affirming Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the countries were aligning with Washington’s position on the war.

Blinken said after meeting with officials from over 90 countries during the General Assembly, he believes that the international community is looking to the United States to bring nations together and uphold the UN’s basic principles.

Blinken declared that the Biden administration “delivered on that” and vowed to “build on the momentum” from last week’s General Assembly going forward.