Biden’s Border Woes Damage His Ukraine Legacy

The U.S.-Mexico border crisis has peaked under President Biden’s administration, leaving him in a difficult situation. While facing record numbers of migrants, an influx of fentanyl, and an increase in terrorism suspects, Biden finds himself demanding $100 billion from Congress to support Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan’s border defense. However, he is reluctant to negotiate with Republicans on policy changes that experts believe could reduce illegal immigration.

Biden’s attempt to connect the issues by requesting $14 billion for immigration processing in exchange for funding for Ukraine has backfired. Republicans now see an opportunity to leverage Biden’s desire for Ukraine funding to force policy changes on the border. Senate Democrats have tried to pass a spending bill that aligns with Biden’s request, but without the border changes Republicans are demanding, resulting in a successful filibuster by every Republican.

The debate over handling the border crisis and providing aid to Ukraine has become increasingly contentious. Hispanic Democrats, who initially supported Biden, are pushing back against the GOP’s proposals, calling them cruel and accusing Biden of advancing Trump-era immigration policies. However, there is no universal support for Ukraine funding among Republicans, with many GOP voters expressing skepticism about providing additional aid.

Biden’s delay in taking independent action to address the border crisis has frustrated Republicans. They argue that controlling the border is critical, as fentanyl has become the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 49. Republicans believe that border security and aid to Ukraine can be addressed simultaneously.

Biden hesitates to change border policies because of pressure from his political left flank. Hispanic Democrats have criticized the potential adoption of Trump-era immigration policies. They are concerned that Biden may compromise on these policies in exchange for Ukraine funding that Republicans already support.

As the crises at the border and in Ukraine come to a head, the White House is focused on both issues. Biden sees Ukraine as a crucial ally in countering Russian aggression, while the border crisis demands immediate attention to prevent further illegal immigration. However, Republicans argue that Biden combined the two issues in his original request for emergency national security spending.

The debate over Ukraine funding and border policy changes continues, with Democrats and Republicans engaged in negotiations. While progress has been made on potential changes to asylum policy, Democrats are unwilling to accept limits on Biden’s parole powers, which have facilitated catch-and-release practices since he took office.