Biden Staffer Vowed Reporter Would Block Damning Reports From Public  

( Joe Biden and his family business dealings are once again appearing to be intricately intertwined as it was recently discovered that when Biden was vice president in 2015 his communications director, Kate Bedingfield, told Hunter’s top lieutenant that a Bloomberg story was going to be quashed, according to the Breitbart. The story was reportedly about the family’s business in Ukraine regarding Burisma.  

Bedingfield was reassuring Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s business partner, that the story would not be published unless the editors of the publication put a gun to the author’s head. But the story was published the same day as the communication. The story highlights Biden’s interest in Ukraine and documents his visiting Kyiv to talk about rooting out corruption. 

The contradiction in Biden’s anti-corruption message was reflected in an article published by the Wall Street Journal just a day before. The outlet noted that the vice president’s son was serving on the board of a Ukrainian oil firm. One of the reporters sent an email to Bedingfield.  

“Do you believe Hunter’s involvement with Mr. Zlochevsky—who for many Ukrainians has come to symbolize the sort of behavior the Vice President is demanding the country put to an end—undermines the U.S. message?”  

Hunter took a seat on the energy company’s board of directors in April 2014, two years before Joe allegedly forced the firing of Viktor Shokin, Ukraine’s prosecutor who was investigating Burisma. Hunter was reportedly paid around $83,000 a month for sitting on the board despite his lack of experience in the industry. The appointment came after Joe was named the point person to Ukraine regarding U.S. foreign policy.  

Emails between Bedingfield and Schwerin show that Joe was actively involved in the official statements concerning his family business dealings despite his claim that he knew nothing about it.