Biden Smacked With Brutal Truth After Polls

A recent poll conducted by CBS News/YouGov reveals that President Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict is facing increasing disapproval among Americans. The survey, which included 2,144 adult residents of the United States, indicates that 61 percent of participants expressed their disapproval, while only 39 percent approved of Biden’s approach. These figures represent a slight increase in disapproval ratings compared to the previous poll conducted in October, where 56 percent disapproved and 44 percent approved.

Digging deeper into the political divide, the poll highlights a drop in approval ratings among Democrats. In the latest survey, 63 percent of Democrats approved of Biden’s handling of the conflict, showing a 3-point decrease from October’s 66 percent approval. Meanwhile, Republican approval stands at a significantly lower 22 percent, marking a 6-point decline from October’s 28 percent. Among independents, 35 percent agreed with Biden’s approach, compared to 39 percent in the previous survey.

The age breakdown reveals a mixed sentiment among different demographics. Young voters aged 18 to 29 are evenly split, with 50 percent expressing disapproval and 50 percent approving. The disapproval rating rises to 68 percent among those aged 30 to 44. Participants between 45 and 64 showed a slightly lower disapproval rate of 63 percent, while those aged 65 and older had a disapproval rate of 60 percent.

Interestingly, despite the growing disapproval ratings, the Israel-Hamas conflict is not considered one of the top issues in the United States. The poll found that inflation, immigration, the border, and the state of democracy were the most discussed concerns before the conflict.

While recent polls indicated a slip in Democratic support for Biden’s handling of the conflict, a survey released by the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research showed increased Democratic support. The survey reported that 59 percent of Democrats approved Biden’s response, up from 50 percent in November.

President Biden and other White House leaders have been increasingly urging Israel to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza, which is currently controlled by the militant group Hamas. Biden has consistently expressed support for Israel’s right to defend itself following Hamas’s surprise assault on Oct. 7, which resulted in over 1,200 deaths.

However, amidst Israel’s deadly campaign in Gaza and the more than 10,000 lives lost, some Democratic lawmakers are calling on Biden to push for a permanent cease-fire or impose further conditions on aid to Israel.

Notably, the CBS News/YouGov survey was conducted between December 6th and 8th and has a margin of error of 2.8 points. While disapproval for President Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict has seen a slight increase, it remains to be seen how the administration will navigate these concerns and work towards a resolution in the region.