Biden Pressured To Get Tough On China

House Speaker Mike Johnson is urging the Biden administration to take immediate action to protect Uyghur Muslims in China. Speaking at the International Religious Freedom Summit, Johnson condemned China’s genocidal campaign against the religious minority, highlighting the forced labor, re-education, and torture that Uyghurs endure. He emphasized that this issue should not be partisan and called on the United States to intervene.

Johnson highlighted the persecution of religious followers in various countries, such as North Korea, Nigeria, Nicaragua, and Cuba. He pointed out that, alongside the Uyghurs, China also oppresses Tibetan Buddhists and Falun Gong practitioners, who face detention in forced labor camps and are subjected to organ harvesting.

The House speaker emphasized that the United States has a unique opportunity and an obligation to prevent genocide and hold those responsible accountable. As a Louisiana Republican, Johnson believes addressing this issue and protecting religious freedom globally is crucial.

In his address, Johnson discussed his experience as a litigator with Alliance Defending Freedom, a law firm focused on cases involving religious liberty. He affirmed his steadfast dedication to protecting religious freedom, emphasizing that it is a core principle upon which America was established.

He referred to the Declaration of Independence and the First Amendment as evidence of America’s heritage of religious liberty. Johnson stressed that religious freedom is enshrined as the first freedom in the Bill of Rights, emphasizing that these ideals are rooted in the belief that God, not the government, grants individuals their rights.

In addition to discussing the Uyghur crisis, Johnson also addressed the recent rise in antisemitic incidents and attacks following a Hamas terrorist attack in Israel. He called for solidarity with the Jewish community and reaffirmed the commitment to the promise made decades ago: “Never again.”

In conclusion, House Speaker Mike Johnson has called on the Biden administration to take action to protect Uyghur Muslims in China. He emphasized the importance of religious freedom and highlighted the need for the United States to intervene. Johnson also addressed the rising antisemitism and expressed support for the Jewish community.