Biden Makes Phone Call To Shooting Victim

President Joe Biden called Ralph Yarl, the young Black 16-year-old who was shot in Kansas City, Missouri after he rang the wrong doorbell, the White House said late Monday.

Yarl was shot twice Thursday night after he went to the wrong house to pick up his siblings, and according to prosecutor Zachary Thompson on Monday, there was a “racial component” to the shootings.

On Monday, Andrew Lester, an elderly white guy, was taken into custody for first-degree assault. He is 84 years old. After claiming that he thought the person at his door was trying to break in, Lester was arrested for armed criminal conduct. Prosecutors now have the challenge of trying to read Andrew Lester’s mind.

Sunday saw Yarl’s release from the hospital, and he’s been recuperating at home ever since.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest reported that Biden shared his optimism for a speedy recovery.

Family attorneys Ben Crump and Lee Merritt claimed that Yarl and his family received a call from Biden before hearing about the allegations against Lester. On Monday night, the White House delivered a statement in which President Biden expressed his hope that Ralph would recover quickly and justice would be served.

The lawyers have demanded an end to gun violence against unarmed African-Americans. 

Kamala Harris, the Vice President, has voiced her grief and condolences at the incident.

Harris tweeted on Monday she and her husband, Doug, were praying for Ralph Yarl and his family as he battled for his life in the hospital. 

She said no child should ever fear for his or her life because he or she rang the wrong doorbell. She said we’re striving toward an America where all children are safe.

The event sparked protests in Kansas City and considerable outrage on social media platforms. 

Conservative pundits have suggested that there was a racial component to Biden’s phone call.

A young white woman was shot and killed by a man in upstate New York when teens pulled into the wrong driveway. Likewise, the homeowner feared they were trespassing for criminal reasons and fired two shots at the car.

Biden never called her family.