Biden Leaves Door Open On Sending Missile Systems To Ukraine

According to a report, President Joe Biden has said that the United States may provide Ukraine with the long-range weapons arsenal that Kyiv has requested to counter Russia’s incursion.

Biden made the comments on Monday near the White House in response to a question about Russia’s increased aerial strikes on Ukraine. According to Biden, Russia’s action was not unexpected, and we have to keep giving Ukraine what it requires.

When asked whether he thought Sweden would take any steps toward joining NATO, he said the topic would be up for discussion “next week.” The potential transfer of U.S. surface-to-surface Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) to Ukraine was then discussed at the press conference.

For fear of escalating the crisis begun by Moscow, Washington has withheld the delivery of missiles capable of striking Russian sites from roughly 200 miles distant.

Former U.S. Army Europe commanding general and now retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges is among the many military leaders who have urged the Trump administration to arm Ukraine with everything it needs, especially long-range systems, to retake the Crimean peninsula that Russia annexed in 2014.

According to a report, some assume that Russia is just sitting back and watching the situation develop, especially with all the hype from the West and Ukraine about the counterattack that is either imminent or already beginning.  

The assaults on Ukraine and Russia are opposed. Russia has been targeting Ukrainian military people, institutions, and infrastructure, while Ukraine has continued shelling civilian targets.

The report suggests Russia seems to want Ukraine to use its dwindling supply of pricey air defense systems against relatively inexpensive drones. Russia’s capacity to utilize fixed-wing aircraft on attack further within Ukrainian territory has improved, while Ukraine’s ability to safeguard Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) is deteriorating.

Ukraine has little recourse as Russia presses them along the front lines and attacks military sites in Western Ukraine near the Polish border. Russia is not sleeping at the wheel because Western media is ignoring its activity. Russia is doing everything it can to prevent political and military leaders in Ukraine from obtaining any rest.