Biden Hits Historic Low Point In Presidency

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are lagging behind those of the last three presidents at similar points in their administrations, according to recent polling data from Real Clear Politics (RCP).

On November 22, President Biden’s average approval rating on the Real Clear Politics polling website was 40.6 percent. In contrast, an average of 55.5 percent of respondents in national polls included in the website’s running average expressed disapproval of Biden’s performance as president. This update indicates that Biden currently has a net approval rating of -14.9.

When comparing Biden’s ratings to those of his predecessors, namely Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush, at similar points in their presidencies, Biden falls behind. For example, on November 22, 2019, during his third year as president, Trump’s average approval rating was 44.3 percent. This puts Biden 3.7 percentage points behind Trump’s position. At the same time, Trump’s disapproval rating was 52.8 percent, resulting in a net approval rating of -8.5.

As of November 23, 2011, President Obama’s average approval rating was slightly lower than Trump’s but higher than Biden’s. In RCP’s poll, an average of 43.4 percent of voters approved of Obama, while 49.9 percent gave him negative marks, resulting in a net approval rating of -6.5.

Among the last four presidents, Bush had the highest approval rating at the end of November in their reelection years. On November 22, 2003, an average of 51.3 percent of voters approved of Bush’s performance, with 43.7 percent expressing disapproval.

Adding to Biden’s concerns, FiveThirtyEight’s data also shows that his median approval rating is lower than Trump’s at similar points in their presidencies. On Wednesday, Biden’s average approval rating was 38.9 percent, while 55 percent rated his performance negatively, resulting in a net approval rating of -16.1. On November 23, 2019, Trump held a 41.9 percent approval rating, with 53.6 percent disapproving, giving him a net approval rating of -11.7.

These declining approval ratings have raised concerns among Democrats, particularly as Biden leads the polls and is considered the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2024. According to Politico, even Biden’s inner circle, including family members, worry about the perception of his age. While they believe Biden is mentally capable of handling the job, some acknowledge that he can sometimes appear frail.

A Harvard-Harris poll conducted on Biden’s 81st birthday revealed that a majority of voters surveyed doubted his fitness for office (58 percent) and felt that he was “too old to be President” (66 percent). The same poll also showed Biden trailing Trump by six points in a hypothetical general election matchup. Biden received 47 percent of the responses compared to Trump’s 53 percent when those on the fence were included. Two thousand-eight hundred registered voters were included in the November 15-16 poll.