Biden “Guilt” Suggested After Afghanistan Withdrawal

Republicans are condemning what they see as a cover-up by the Biden administration of a damning assessment on Afghanistan pullout failures issued by the State Department. 

The report blasted the government’s failure to plan for the swift fall of Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban in 2021, and it criticized the administration’s failure to prepare for Afghanistan’s disengagement from the conflict. 

According to the study’s findings, there were significant flaws in the operation’s leadership, as well as issues over who was in command before and during the chaos, which led to the deaths of thirteen American service personnel and hundreds of Afghan civilians. 

Rep. Greg Murphy, a Republican from North Carolina, stated that the Biden administration’s cover-up indicates guilt and acknowledgment that the Biden Administration is complicit.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, a Republican from Texas, criticized Biden’s remark that al-Qaeda no longer operates in Afghanistan. McCaul called Biden’s statement ‘divorced from fact.’ 

McCaul mentioned that Al Zawahiri, the commander of al-Qaeda, was found to be residing in the city of Kabul at a residence that was owned by a top figure with the Taliban.

The United States took out the group commander in a drone attack last year. He warned that al-Qaeda’s capabilities are expanding at an alarming rate and that the Taliban are “assisting” them in this endeavor through money and security collaboration. 

McCaul issued a warning that the statements of President Joe Biden can only be read as an attempt to whitewash the longtime links between the Taliban and al Qaeda and may even be an attempt to push the United States of America on the path of recognizing the Taliban as the government of Afghanistan. 

The resolve of McCaul and Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Alaska, of the House Armed Services Committee to stand up to the administration and the rising influence of the Taliban is supported by the Republicans in the House of Representatives. 

They will do everything in their power to bring to light their terrible failure in leadership, which resulted in the deaths of 13 service people, left behind $85 billion worth of U.S. military equipment for the Taliban, and resulted in the stranding of Americans and Afghans who had served with us.