Biden Boasts ‘World’s Best’ Economy Ask Prices Continue To Surge

On Monday, President Joe Biden gave a speech in which he touted his administration’s economic accomplishments and argued that his policies were created with the working class in mind. However, the price of transportation and basic groceries continues to be prohibitive for many Americans.

President Biden delivered the remarks on Labor Day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when addressing a sheet metal union. He painted a rosy picture of the economy even though it has endured severe inflation throughout his administration.

He claimed that Bidenomics is a “plan for the American working class.”

An analysis of price changes from July 2021 to July 2023 found a $709 rise in the cost of living for the average American family. According to the most current data from the Producer Price Index and the Consumer Price Index, food costs are expected to remain above average through the end of 2023 and into 2024.

Beef and veal are projected to see a 4.2% price increase, while other types of meat see a 4.8% price increase, poultry considers a 3% price increase, dairy products see a 4.1% price increase, fats, and oils see a 9.6% price increase, processed fruits and vegetables see a 9.2% price increase, sugar and sweets see a 9.3% price increase, cereals and bakery products see a 9% price increase, and other foods see a 7.4% price increase.

In his address, the president chastised Trump and praised a Biden-backed infrastructure plan that earmarked billions for environmentally friendly projects.

Biden, who has been in politics for much of the previous half-century and owns several houses, referred to himself as “Middle-class Joe” throughout his address.

The President said the nickname accurately describes him. He said being middle class is not synonymous with being unsophisticated, and it indicates that you put in an extraordinary amount of effort.