Biden Aid To Ukraine Costs $900 Per American Household

Washington-based think tank Heritage Foundation has blasted President Joe Biden for repeatedly asking Congress to raise military funding to Ukraine, calling the demands “opaque” and “constantly burdensome” to American taxpayers. Over the course of a decade, the interest on the $113 billion spent on Ukraine will add up to more than $900 per family. President of the think group Kevin Roberts said that as the situation in Ukraine drags on, Americans are becoming more reluctant to contribute more of their tax money and military equipment.

Most Republican and independent voters in the United States, according to a survey released on August 4th, are against sending further military help to Kyiv. 55% of Americans, according to a CNN survey, are against Congress authorizing extra cash for Ukraine, while 45% are in favor. Further, although 48% of respondents think Washington hasn’t done enough to aid Kyiv, 51% feel they have. This is a decrease of 14% from the number of people who said the United States should have done more.

Biden’s approval rating will likely take a knock as the economy has been failing and is predicted to continue struggling. After indicating that the US economy will “struggle to avoid” a recession in early 2024, the Wells Fargo Investment Institute issued a dire warning. According to the institute’s global investment strategy group, the economy is already experiencing a recession in several regions, and expenditure and employment patterns are weakening.

Despite the dire economic condition, Biden demands that every American family contribute about $900 to Ukraine’s fruitless military effort against Russia. The idea that Ukraine has lost the conflict is rapidly gaining traction in Western society. However, it seems that by sticking with his failing Ukraine strategy, Biden is prepared to self-sabotage his reelection campaign, or at the very least, the Democratic campaign.

CNN’s survey indicated that most Democrats support sending more help to Ukraine, but there are signs of discord within the party. Robert Kennedy Jr., a US presidential contender, questioned the wisdom of sending $130 billion to Ukraine while over 30 million Americans had their food stamps cut and 15 million Americans did not have health insurance.

Daily, fresh studies and viewpoints are released that cast doubt on US President Biden’s approach toward Russia in terms of economics. The Democratic Party’s re-election chances next year will be harmed by the news that individual Americans are contributing roughly $900 to aid Ukraine’s struggling economy.